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Recently Published Feature Stories, Audio Interview

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Audio interview with Carol Strickland on her background and characters and events in novel "The Eagle and the Swan" is available at New Books in Historical Fiction website:

Recent Feature Stories in print and online:

"Essential Shapes: Sculpture from the Ancient to the Avant-garde," Christian Science Monitor, January 12, 2021

Review: Degas and the Opera, Christian Science Monitor, May 8, 2020

"The Canon Explodes: The Museum World Aims for Diversity," Oct. 13, 2019,

"Can Art Help Unite a Diverse Society? Museums Aim to Find Out," Christian Science Monitor, Oct.10,2019,

"When the Art World Became the Art Market," Christian Science Monitor, Sept.17, 2019

"The Audacity of Hype: the State of Narcissistic Trump Art," Sept.15, 2019,

"Leonardo da Vinci, after 500 Years, Still a Man in Full", August 12, 2019

"Honoring Leonardo da Vinci, the Master who Never Stopped Experimenting," Christian Science Monitor, August 8, 2019

"Leonardo da Vinci, a Giant of Intellect, Prone to Distraction," Christian Science Monitor, August 8, 2019

"A Little Bird Told Me: Announcing the Trump Presidential Aviary," June 5, 2019,

"Muscle, Soul, and Vision [Chartles White at LACMA]," Alta, April 24, 2019

"Oscar Rejlander: Artist Photographer," Alta, April 24, 2019

"GainsboroughFamily Album: a New Look at an Old Master," May 4, 2019,

"Trump's Perplexing Hair Explained: the Art of the Conceal," April4, 2018,

"At Driehaus Museum, Yinka Shonibare Fabricates Post-Colonial Identity," Clyde Fitch Report, April 8, 2019

"Bauhaus Then and Now: Designers Draw Inspiration from Rich Legacy of Creativity," Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 5, 2019

"A Perfect Marriage of Sculptor and Subject," Christian Science Monitor, Feb.28,2019

"The Lasting Impact of Sea Ranch," Alta magazine, January 2019
"Second Impression: Berthe Morisot at the Barnes Foundation," Art in America, Nov. 7, 2018
"Impressionist Berthe Morisot Finally Gets Her Day, Clyde Fitch Report," Nov. 15, 2018
"How Out-of-the-Way Arts Institutions Build Community," Clyde Fitch Report, Nov. 17, 2017
"New Frontier at Tippet Rise Art Center: Access for All," Clyde Fitch Report, Nov.12, 2017


"Sculptor Ruth Asawa Wires the World," Oct.19, 2018,

"Some Go Up: Lola Alvarez Bravo at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation," Art in America, October 9, 2018

"How to Servve Children, from  the White House Cookbook," Aug.25, 2018,

"Spanish Masterpieces Bridge Cultures at the San Antonio Museum of Art," August 1, 2018
"Nick Cave's Soundsuits Turn Dance into Political Action," Clyde Fitch Report, June 28, 2018
"Paul Rucker Makes Klan Robes To Fight Racism," Clyde Fitch Report, June 2, 2018:
"Mending the Social Fabric: Richmond's New Institute for Contemporary Art," Art in America, May 9, 2018
"Addison Gallery Takes Aim at America's Gun Culture," May 4, 2018
"Trump's Perplexing Hair Explained: the Art of the Conceal," Clyde Fitch Report," April 4, 2018
"Revelatory Histories: Zurbarán and Murillo at the Frick Collection," Art in America, March 12, 2018
"Pictorial and Political Lessons from Zurbarán: We Are Family," Clyde Fitch Report, March 6, 2018
"The Ups, Downs and Ups of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo," February 6, 2018, Clyde Fitch Report
"Even the Virgin Mary Has a #MeToo Story: The Annunciation," Clyde Fitch Report, Dec. 17, 2017
"Sanford Biggers Sculptures Evoke Violent History," Clyde Fitch Report, Sept. 22,2017
"The Iceman Cometh: Guariglia Flies with NASA to Make Eco-Art," Art in America, Sept. 12, 2017
"Sarah Goldhagen: How Built Forms Form Us," Clyde Fitch Report, Aug. 25, 2017
"Emphasis on the Magic: A Wyeth Retrospective, Art in America, July 11, 2017
"Ai Weiwei Puts You under Surveillance at the Armory," Clyde Fitch Report, June 30, 2017
"A Quest for Beauty: Tiffany's Mosaics at the Corning Museum of Glass," Art in America, June 16, 2017,"
"Habitat 67 Turns 50: Sadie Talks Ethical Architecture," Clyde Fitch Report, June 2, 2017,
"Not Cool: Justin Guariglia Photographs Arctic Meltdown," Clyde Fitch Report, May 3, 2017,
"Three British Princesses Champion the Enlightenment," April 6, 2017, Clyde Fitch Report,
"Yesterday's Xenophobia Today: Japanese Internment and Muslim Bans," Clyde Fitch Report, March 8, 2017
"A Human Touch: Ann Hamilton's Portraits at UT Austin," Art in America, Feb.10, 2017
"Artists Address Revolution: Trump Today vs. 1917 Bolsheviks," Clyde Fitch Report, Feb.8, 2017
"Seeing Red: When Russian Art and Politics Were Revolutionary," Clyde Fitch Report, Jan.14, 2017
"Fill in the Blanks: Photography at the Barnes," Art in America, Dec. 14, 2016,
"Back to the Future: the Social-Activist Architecture of Moshe Safdie," Momus, Feb. 3, 2016
"From Exile to Acclaim: the Unlikely Story of Mu Xin and China's Reformation," Momus, Jan. 11, 2016
"'Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 1975' shows the Boss as he was," Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 8, 2015
"Interview with Carol Strickland," Art + Design magazine, Fall 2015,
"Manifesto: The Future of Art Books is Digital," September 15, 2015, FutureBook
"Shedding New Light on the Night: Obscurity and Clarity in the American Nocturne," Momus, Sept. 11,2015,
"Seeing Red; Understanding Kazuo Shiraga's Sudden Fame," Momus, April 8, 2015,
"Ai Weiwei Breaks into Alcatraz," Art in America, Oct. 9, 2014
"Getting the Lead Out: Mel Chin," Art in America, April 1, 2014
"Sex in the City (Constantinople), Salon, January 9, 2014,
“Duchamp Does Dallas,” Salon, November 20, 2013,
"Deep in the Art of Texas," Art in America, October 30, 2013
“Miami Museum Looks South to Go Global,” Art in America, May 17, 2013,
"Kandinsky Spoke 'Language of Color'," Christian Science Monitor, April 15, 2013
"Going against the Grain: Interview with Sebastian Errazuriz," Art in America, March 28, 2013
"King Herod, Master Builder, at the Israel Museum," Art in America, March 26, 2013
“Veronese in His Element,” Art in America, March 11, 2013
“How Basketry Preserved a People,” Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 17, 2012
“New Art Push at Dartmouth with Hood’s Aboriginal Show,” Art in America, Oct. 5, 2012
"Beasts of the Southern Wild: Soul of a New Cinema," Salon, July 19, 2012,
"Wish You Were There" [exhibit at Albright-Knox], Art in America, May 25, 2012;
"'Half the Sky Exhibition' Hopes to Inspire Action," Christian Science Monitor, April 26, 2012;
"New Orleans' Post-Katrina Artistic Revival Is in Full Swing," Christian Science Monitor, April 15, 2012;
"Cities Are Banking on the Arts," March 5, 2012;
"Theater for the 99%",
“The Chef’s Art,” Christian Science Monitor, Dec. 19, 2011 (
“Sean Scully Shows New Stripes at the Chazen,” Art in America, Nov. 28, 2011 (
“Designing for Disaster,” Christian Science Monitor, October 31, 2011
“Moshe Safdie, Activist Architect,” Private Journey Magazine, July, 2011
“A Photo Fest Takes over Toronto,” [Ed Burtynsky], Art in America, May 27, 2011]
“Designing for Dignity” [Moshe Safdie], Christian Science Monitor, May 30, 2011,
"Can an Artist Change Society?" [Ai Weiwei], C.S. Monitor, May 9, 2011
“Design Boosts the Bottom Line,”, March 14, 2011
“Painters of Light: Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand,”, Feb. 14, 2011
“The Art of a Crowd: Wiki-Art Erases the Line between Artist and Audience,”, January 17, 2011
“The Women of Pop [Female artists],”, Nov. 15, 2010
“Riding Shotgun: Lee Friedlander Photographs from the Car,”, Nov. 3, 2010
“Mirror Man” [Edward Albee],, Sept. 13, 2010
“Creating Art from Birds, Bugs, and Bones,”, June 21, 2010
“A Master’s Black and White World [Cartier-Bresson],”, May 3, 2010
“Tibet Tour: Go to the Heart of its Buddhist Sacred Art,”, April 15, 2010
“Photoshop and Facebook, Victorian Style [photocollage albums],, March 15, 2010
“Tino Was Here: Is it art? For elusive performance artist Tino Sehgal, it’s immaterial,”, Feb. 14, 2010
“The Mind of Tim Burton,” December 13, 2009
“Robert Frank: His Photos Recorded an Unvarnished America,”, November 22, 2009
“A Rough Ride for the ‘Model Minority’: Museum of Chinese in America Punctures Old Stereotypes and Some Still Lurking,”, November 15, 2009
“Madeleine Albright: Read My Pins,”, October 9, 2009
“Taking the Artistic Pulse of Generation Y,”, May 29, 2009
“Quixotic Land Art” [sculptor Andrew Rogers],, May 10, 2009
“Reality, Imagined” [Western photography],, April 26, 2009
“Orchids with a Brazilian Flair: The Bronx Pays Tribute to Pioneering Landscape Architect Roberto Burle Marx,”, March 20, 2009
"Iconoclastic Architects Catalyze Shift to More Populist Style" (Venturi and Scott Brown), Christian Science Monitor, March 28, 1996

Carol Strickland has written a historical novel based on the scandals and achievements of 6th-century Empress Theodora and Emperor Justinian, rulers of Byzantium, antiquity's most controversial (and least known) power couple. For more information, go to The novel, The Eagle and the Swan, is available as an eBook from Erudition Digital and in print from Echo Point Books.