Carol Colclough Strickland

New eBook on Impressionist Art Launched April 2015: From Paris Pavements to the Shores of the Seine

Looking from Musée d'Orsay over Seine towards the Louvre

mosaic of Empress Theodora and her retinue, San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy, 547 AD: subject of historical novel The Eagle and the Swan (eBook or print edition Summer 2018)

Carol Colclough Strickland

3rd Edition of Annotated Mona Lisa published with new chapter; new edition (2018) of Annotated Arch and print book of The Eagle and the Swan 2019

Echo Point Books releases print version of historical novel The Eagle and the Swan, 2019

3rd edition with updated chapter on contemporary art

New paperback edition from Echo Point Books released in 2019 after 1st edition sold out. Here's a link to buy the new edition:

Maximizing eBook technology with more than 100 interactive, color images of beloved paintings + engaging text, Impressionism: A Legacy of Light sets a new standard for visual art on the web or in tablet format. Available from iBooks for iPad or from the publisher's website to download on a personal computer, the enhanced eBook is like a digital docent leading a guided tour of a once controversial, now revered movement.

Carol Strickland is a freelance writer and correspondent on art, architecture, and culture for Alta magazine, Art in America, Christian Science Monitor, and Her two books on art and architecture, The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to the Present and The Annotated Arch: A Crash Course in the History of Architecture, were both Book of the Month Club selections. They've been printed in many translations. The Annotated Mona Lisa has been published in an updated 3rd edition, having sold more than 400,000 copies, and is frequently listed as a best-seller on Other recent books include: The Illustrated Timeline of Art History, The Illustrated Timeline of Western Literature, Aris Kalaizis: Rubbacord, Making Sky, and Paul Waldman: Eros, Art, and Magic. Strickland has published two enhanced eBooks through Erudition Digital of London: The Eagle and the Swan, a historical novel, and Impressionism: A Legacy of Light. Echo Point Books releases The Eagle and the Swan in a print edition in 2019, as well as a second printing of The Annotated Arch, which sold out its first printing.

She has contributed scores of feature stories on the arts, film, literature, and theater to The New York Times, as well as publications like Art in America magazine, Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and magazines like Alta, Art & Antiques, The Nation, Civilization, American Theater, Garden Design, and Downbeat. Strickland's monthly column on art and politics appears at http:/​/​

She has a Ph.D. in Literature from the University of Michigan. Strickland is a former college professor, having worked most recently at Stony Brook University. Her film scripts have been produced as documentaries and broadcast on cable television, as well as used in college curricula. Her feature-film screenplays have won prizes in national script competitions. Strickland lives and works in Long Island and New York City.

Masterpieces of Art, Annotated Mona Lisa, Annotated Arch, and The Eagle and the Swan have facebook pages with updates. Strickland contributes reflections on current culture via twitter (@​carolartbeat). Her historical novel, The Eagle and the Swan, is available on at the kindle store, from the book website, and for the iPad at iBooks. (See http:/​/​, where the first installment of an enhanced version of the eBook is viewable on the book website.) It can be downloaded for free and includes maps, timelines, images, and supplementary information. Also available in print from Echo Point Books.

Facebook page for Masterpieces of Art-Impressionism: A Legacy of Light

Selected Works

non-fiction, art history
Interactive features allow reader full immersion or overview of subject, from background, precursors, technique, & people behind the art - with more than 100 full-color images, multiple hotspots for layers of extra information and blowups to see technique, designed especially for the iPad, available from iBooks
Historical Novel, Feminist History, Enhanced eBook & published as a print book by Echo Point Books & Media (2019)
Succinct, accessible survey of art history, "a browser’s delight, as well as an authoritative reference." The 3rd edition includes a new, updated chapter on contemporary art, published January 2018.
Architecture A-Z: styles, stars, movers, and movements that define the history of architecture. Facebook page at https://www.facebook/AnnotatedArch/?fref=ts 1st printing sold out, republished by Echo Point Books and Media (2018)
As introduction or refresher course, provides a brisk overview of literary achievement through the ages.
From cave paintings to contemporary art in a nutshell
Monograph on contemporary German painter, Aris Kalaizis, Hermer Verlag, 2009
Essay titled "Detour as a Route to Unity and Order"
"A Dangerous Beauty" essay on Waldman's oeuvre