Carol Colclough Strickland

3rd, updated edition published 2018

1st in art history series launched Dec. 2014, available from iBooks for the iPad

Cover of enhanced eBook formatted to view on computer or tablet reader

History of Architecture from Ancient to Contemporary

Concise, colorful guide to the art of architecture

Carol Strickland at Brunelleschi's Duomo, Florence, Italy

Photo by Kathleen Wells


The Eagle and the Swan historical novel, Echo Point Books 2019

Masterpieces of Art - Impressionism: A Legacy of Light
1st in a series of enhanced eBooks on major movements, works, and artists in Western art history, this enhanced ebook uses the latest digital technology to make the subject come alive. Engaging and interactive, it transforms the story of this radical movement by merging images, text, and clickable layers of more information. A tour de force of design.

The Eagle and the Swan
This historical novel set in 6th-century Constantinople reveals the true "secret history," as opposed to the scandalous "Secret History" written by court historian Procopius, of a remarkable couple who ruled the late Roman Empire. Theodora, star of the glorious mosaic in the Church of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy, was a notorious circus performer, exotic dancer, and courtesan before she linked her fortunes to the soldier who became Emperor Justinian. Together they ruled what became the Byzantine Empire, shocking the Old Guard and laying the groundwork for our modern world. The eBook is available for iPad and kindle from and for tablet and computer format from the book's website. An enhanced eBook version is online, with the first installment viewable on the book website and downloadable for free. Soon to be published in print from Echo Point Books (Fall 2018)

The Annotated Mona Lisa: A Crash Course in Art History from Prehistoric to the Present
"Demystifies art history," from cave painting to conceptual art, in brisk, readable text enlivened by dynamic design. The first edition, a Book-of-the-Month-Club selection, sold over 250,000 copies, a runaway hit. Used in high school and college courses, the 2nd edition, published in 2007, updates the original to cover contemporary art, and a 3rd edition with a new chapter appeared in January, 2018.

The Annotated Arch: A Crash Course in the History of Architecture
From engineering breakthroughs to cultural history, biographical anecdotes to analyses of corresponding or clashing styles, The Annotated Arch covers all the bases: sticks and stones and everything in between. Highlighting structural wonders from the Stone Age to the Space Age, all the great achievements from “agora” to “ziggurat” are here. After the first printing sold out, Echo Point Books will publish the book in the Fall of 2018.

The Illustrated Timeline of Art History: A Crash Course in Words and Pictures
A small-format, browse-able paperback that serves as a review/overview of top masterpieces of visual art (Sterling Publishers, 2006)

The Illustrated Timeline of Western Literature: A Crash Course in Words and Pictures
Whether to communicate abstract thought, document history, celebrate a great love, or entertain with a riveting story, literature has enthralled readers for ages. Few writers have presented the full scope and diversity of Western literature in a user-friendly format. This concise guide makes learning easy and fun. (Sterling Publishers, 2007)

Making Sky: Aris Kalaizis
Monograph on Leipzig painter published in 2009

Aris Kalaizis: Rubbacord
Monograph on contemporary German painter Aris Kalaizis, Kerber, 2006

Paul Waldman: Eros, Art, and Magic
Monograph on contemporary painter/sculptor Paul Waldman (Charta, 2005)

Selected Works

non-fiction, art history
Interactive features allow reader full immersion or overview of subject, from background, precursors, technique, & people behind the art - with more than 100 full-color images, multiple hotspots for layers of extra information and blowups to see technique, designed especially for the iPad, available from iBooks
Historical Novel, Feminist History, Enhanced eBook & published as a print book by Echo Point Books & Media (2019)
Succinct, accessible survey of art history, "a browser’s delight, as well as an authoritative reference." The 3rd edition includes a new, updated chapter on contemporary art, published January 2018.
Architecture A-Z: styles, stars, movers, and movements that define the history of architecture. Facebook page at https://www.facebook/AnnotatedArch/?fref=ts 1st printing sold out, republished by Echo Point Books and Media (2018)
As introduction or refresher course, provides a brisk overview of literary achievement through the ages.
From cave paintings to contemporary art in a nutshell
Monograph on contemporary German painter, Aris Kalaizis, Hermer Verlag, 2009
Essay titled "Detour as a Route to Unity and Order"
"A Dangerous Beauty" essay on Waldman's oeuvre